BREAKFAST MENU served till 12 noon
toasted sourdough or wholemeal bloomer with butter and preserves or marmite £3.00
homemade granola with fruit compote and yogurt (v) £3.50
french toast with fruit compote and yogurt (v)£4.75
french toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup £4.75
scrambled egg on toast (v) £4.75
smoked salmon with scrambled egg and toast £6.50
vegan breakfast, thyme roast field mushroom, roasted red peppers, shallots, breakfast greens, smoked vegan mayo and toast (vg) £7.25
THE WORKS: sausage, smoked bacon, mushrooms, baked beans,                                                   fried egg and toast £7.50
VEGGIE WORKS: veggie sausages, mushrooms, beans, tomato,                                                fried egg and toast (v) £7.50
MANOR HOUSE: sausages, smoked bacon saute potatoes, fried egg,  baked beans, black pudding, mushrooms, roast tomato and toast £9.95


KITCHEN GARDEN veggie sausages, breakfast greens, saute  potatoes, fried egg, baked beans, thyme roast field mushroom, roast tomato and toast (v) £9.95


glass of prosecco & orange juice  or bloody mary £5.50
 smoked bacon, saute potatoes,  smoked salmon or  sausage £1.50
beans, egg, black pudding, tomato, mushrooms £1.00
For information about allergies and intolerances, please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order and they will be happy to advise

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