Children’s Menu


Cheesy beans on toast £2.50

Homemade hummus with toast fingers £2.75

½ baked potato with tuna mix, cheese or beans £3

2 x fish fingers & chips  £3.50

Sausage, egg & chips     £3.75

Battered fish, chips & peas   £4.50

½ Hog burger with chips  £4.50

Sandwiches – made with one slice of bread, served nice and plain!

Jam or marmite £1.75

Ham or Cheese £2

Sausage or bacon or veggie sausage – £2.25

Fish finger – £2.25


Small chips  £1.70

Small cheesy chips      £1.90

Beans, peas or bread   50p

Drinks & Sweet things

Vanilla ice cream with choc sauce & marshmallows   £1.25

½ brownie with squirty cream   £1.50

Apple or orange juice  £1

Milk (warm or cold)   £0.75

Hot chocolate   £1.25

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